Cabaret Voltaire - Shadow Of Funk + Dekadrone + BN9Drone Vinyl Bundle

Cabaret Voltaire - Shadow Of Funk + Dekadrone + BN9Drone Vinyl Bundle



This bundle offer means delivery won't be until 23rd April 2021 when 'BN9Drone' comes out, but you will save on postage as well as the bundle price if you do want to take us up on it. A download of each element will be sent out to you on each release day.

Shadow Of Funk - Curacao Coloured Vinyl (12MUTE622) - 26th February 2021

Dekadrone - Double White Vinyl (CABS31) - 26th March 2021

BN9Drone - Double White Vinyl (CABS32) - 23rd April 2021

All formats include high definition audio download codes

Cabaret Voltaire is Richard H. Kirk and Shadow of Fear was the band’s first studio album in 26 years and was released in 2020 to critical acclaim.

The single Shadow of Funk (which includes 3 brand new tracks) plus new drone albums Dekadrone and BN9Drone delve deeper into Cabaret Voltaire’s arsenal of “vocal samples, harsh rhythms and threatening detonations” (Classic Pop). All released on limited edition vinyl, available with high definition audio download.

Praise for Shadow of Fear

"Shadow Of Fear is a brash and confident rebirth... Richard H. Kirk has chosen a good time to revive the Cabs’ ominous industrial funk" UNCUT 8*

"Masterclass in shapeshifting disco… clinches these industrial shadow-dwellers’ influence" MOJO 4/5

"Kirk is intent on pushing forward, ensuring that the hints of familiarity never come with an accompanying tang of comforting nostalgia." THE GUARDIAN 4/5

"A lot has changed in the past 26 years, but what hasn’t altered is Cabaret Voltaire’s knack for eerie but danceable post-punk." NME

Shadow Of Funk - Curacao Coloured Vinyl:

Side A.

  1. Shadow of Funk (12:32)

Side B.

  1. Skinwalker (10:24)
  2. Billion Dollar (5:41)

Dekadrone - Double White Vinyl:

Side A.

  1. Phase one

Side B.

  1. Phase two

Side C.

  1. Phase three

Side D.

  1. Phase four

BN9Drone - Double White Vinyl:

Side A.

  1. Eins

Side B.

  1. Zwei

Side C.

  1. Drei

Side D.

  1. Vier