FSS / Mute Stumm


Daniel Miller has collaborated with FUTURE SOUND SYSTEMS to develop a series of new Eurorack modules, the first 2 are STUMM and MAKROW.

The initial panel layouts originated in pencil from Daniel’s sketchbook, Jamie and Finlay at FSS have then turned these sketches and feature lists into real, physical modules.

Take it away...

STUMM is a six-channel bank of high-fidelity audio mutes with grouping functionality. Each individual mute switch offers toggled (switch up) and momentary (switch down) click-less muting, and is also assignable to belong to group A, B or neither group. Signal is passed through each channel's VCA when the switch is either up or down - the channel is muted in the middle position.

Each channel's input is passed through an DC-coupled discrete VCA, where each VCA is controlled by a discrete attack/release generator triggered by the mute switch. By default, the envelope times are set to be very fast to achieve click-less muting. LEDs also indicate when audio is being passed through the VCAs (i.e. not muted). Due to each VCA being DC-coupled, control voltages can also be passed through STUMM, offering even further flexibility for live performance.

Expect several expander modules to be announced in the near future. These will allow for variable fade up and down times, voltage control of each VCA, and slope outputs from each mute channel.

Technical specifications:

  • Module width: 8HP
  • Module depth: 53mm behind 2mm FR4 front panel
  • Current consumption: 60mA on +12V, 55mA on -12V

Shipping Details:

Orders will be dispatched on a tracked expedited service to ensure quick and safe delivery. Please note that the box is slightly damaged (see photo).