Alessandro Cortini - Volume Massimo - CD (Signed)

Alessandro Cortini - Volume Massimo - CD (Signed)

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Release Date: 27th September 2019
Catalogue Number: CDSTUMM443

Includes signed and numbered Japanese booklet

In his solo work and as a member of Nine Inch Nails, Alessandro Cortini's music casts the listener into an intricately rendered vortex of emotive dynamics, where he expertly maximises the boundaries of contemporary electronic music. His new album, 'Volume Massimo,' combines his fondness for melody with the rigour of experimental practice. Follows on from 2017's universally acclaimed album ‘Avanti. 8 tracks of deftly arranged synthesizers saturated with sonic artefacts and luscious pop sensibilities.

  1. Amore Amaro
  2. Let Go
  3. Amaro Amore
  4. Batticuore
  5. Momenti
  6. La Storia
  7. Sabbia
  8. Dormi

Includes a high definition digital copy. All download codes are contained within the vinyl package, generally on a sticker attached to the inner sleeve.