Apparat - LP5_RMXS - Limited Edition Colour 12

Apparat - LP5_RMXS - Limited Edition Colour 12"


Release Date: 29th Novemnber 2019
Catalogue Number: 12MUTE604

Includes high definition audio download.

LP5_RMXS includes brand new remixes of tracks taken from Apparat's critically acclaimed album LP5. From elegiac techno to deep orchestral pop ballads, Apparat‘s work has always had a common denominator: an elegance that embraces and gives nuanced layers of detail and a near universal beauty. RMXS sees the album tracks overhauled for the dancefloor.

Fellow Berlin based DJ, Radio Slave takes on album favourite CARONTE, Substance aka DJ Pete remixes HEROIST. BRANDENBURG is reworked by Stimming whilst Solomun takes OUTLIER and flips it on its head.

Side A.

  1. Caronte (Radio Slave Core Instrumental)
  2. Heroist (Substance Remix)

Side B.

  1. Outlier (Solomun Remix)
  2. Brandenburg (Stimming Remix)