Goldfrapp - Black Cherry - Limited Edition Purple Vinyl + Exclusive Print


Catalogue Number: STUMM196
Release Date: 27th September 2019

Originally released in April 2003, Mute/BMG announce the long awaited vinyl reissue of the much sought after 'Black Cherry'. Unavailable for many years, the album will be pressed on special edition purple vinyl with an exclusive 12" x 12" art print.

'Black Cherry’ still builds on their trademark experimental edges from their debut 'Felt Mountain' and that force is every bit as evident and not a shred less relevant. From the heartbroken beauty of the title track and the inordinately sensual, disturbed purr of 'Deep Honey' to the sonic whirlpools of 'Tiptoe', 'Black Cherry' reinforces Goldfrapp's siren–like ability to suck you into other realms. On first hearing, the driving basslines of 'Train' or 'Strict Machine', or the playfully, joyously sexual 'Twist' seem a world away from some of 'Felt Mountain's' atmospherics.

A lot of 'Black Cherry' sounds like it was born on a fantasy dancefloor in an alien landscape, never mind in the fertile minds of a creative London boy and a darkly imaginative Hampshire girl.

Apart from the twisted disco of 'Strict Machine' (with its whip-like snare sound recalling the baroque fantasy of 'Felt Mountain's' title track) and 'Train', standout tracks inhabit other extremes. There’s the English countrysci-fi of 'Hairy Trees', and the disorienting ennui of 'Forever' but it is in 'Tiptoe' that there is arguably found 'Black Cherry'’s centrepiece. Starting with motorik rhythms and a piercing synths followed by Alison’s deep down voice, 'Tiptoe' builds relentlessly until it subtly transforms itself into another song entirely, hinting at Giorgio Moroder's and Donna Summer’s soundtrack to ‘The Deep’ and inexorably mixing voice into and through the soaring strings.

Meanwhile 'Twist', rooted in an adolescent fantasy of running off with a diesel-fingered fairground boy, is sex as candyfloss stickiness and generator buzz, all wrapped up in the wild scream of the waltzers.

With 'Black Cherry' they entwine classic songwriting with the most abstract of modern music, making a bold statement in an increasingly fractured world.

Goldfrapp have again managed to pull off that rarest of feats, the ability to attain an intensity of expression and to be both futuristic and familiar. They have made this territory their own.

Released on 27th September 2019 ‘Black Cherry’ will be the first of a series of Goldfrapp vinyl releases on special edition coloured vinyl.

This album is a BMG / Mute Records Limited release.

Side A.

  1. Crystalline Green
  2. Train
  3. Black Cherry
  4. Tiptoe
  5. Deep Honey

Side B.

  1. Hairy Trees
  2. Twist
  3. Strict Machine
  4. Forever
  5. Slippage