Looper - These Things - Deluxe Edition CD Box Set (Signed)

Looper - These Things - Deluxe Edition CD Box Set (Signed)

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Catalogue Number: LOOPERBX1
Release Date: 13 April 2015

  • 58 track box set.
  • Signed by Looper.
  • Exclusive live performance cassette.
  • Exclusive lyric book 'Looper, Mute Songs'.
  • Looper badge.
  • Download of Offgrid:Offline

Signed by Looper. Includes a cassette of the live performance from their US tour at the Troubadour, 5th July 1999, this is the show that Tim Burgess references in the sleeve notes. A book of the spoken word lyrics called 'Mute Songs'. Plus an original Looper badge from back in the day. More details as we get them and maybe some extra items added too.

For this box set, Looper have tidied all their songs into neat piles; all the spoken word songs in one place, all the instrumentals in another, etc. There are 5 CDs in all featuring recordings from 1997 to 2014. Album tracks, singles, b-sides, remixes, MP3EPs and a couple of extras too. there is also a nice 20 page booklet to read whilst you listen that also includes sleeve notes by Tim Burgess. Includes WAV and MP3 of the new album Offgrid:Offline

CD1: Kinokraft

  1. Mono '77
  2. Ballard Of Ray Suzuki
  3. The Arrow
  4. Play The One I Like
  5. Barney's Arcade
  6. Ray's Golden Fist (Bananahand Remix)
  7. Back To The Treehouse
  8. Big Time Superhero
  9. Up A Tree Again (The Chocolate Layer's St. John's Ambulance Mix)
  10. Puddlemonkey

CD2: Voxtrot

  1. Sugarcane
  2. Peacock Johnson (demo)
  3. The Treehouse
  4. Driving Myself Crazy
  5. What If...
  6. Good Girls
  7. Up A Tree Again
  8. Burning Flies
  9. She's A Knife
  10. Peacock's Tail
  11. I'm A Photograph
  12. Uncle Ray

CD3: Transmitte

  1. The Strangest Girl
  2. Bug Rain
  3. None Of That
  4. Ladytron Vs Looper (She's A Knife)
  5. These Things
  6. On The Flipside
  7. Waiting For Trains
  8. All Diamonds (Phipps Mix)
  9. The Strangest Girl (Bitmap Remix)
  10. Who's Afraid Of Y2K?
  11. These Things (Bananahand Remix)
  12. Tomorrow's World

CD4: Melos

  1. Money Hair
  2. Lovers Leap
  3. Farfisa Song
  4. Quiet And Small
  5. Fucking Around
  6. Cleo Laine
  7. Up A Tree Again
  8. New York Snow
  9. Oh Skinny Legs
  10. Close Your Eyes
  11. The Snare
  12. I'd Fall At Her Feet

CD5: Lexiphonics

  1. Impossible Things #2
  2. The Spider Man
  3. Festival '95
  4. Images Of The Shipwreck
  5. Pale Blue E-Type
  6. Modem Song
  7. Columbo's Car
  8. My Robot
  9. Dave The Moonman
  10. Impossible Things
  11. Spaceboy Dream #3
  12. Offgrid:Offline