Apparat - The Devil's Walk - Violet Vinyl

Apparat - The Devil's Walk - Violet Vinyl


Catalogue Number: LSTUMM334
Release Date: 12th October 2018

One half of Moderat, Apparat (aka Sascha Ring)’s debut album for Mute was originally released in 2011 and features the singles ‘Goodbye’ (subsequently used as the theme tune to Netflix’s Dark), ‘Candil De La Calle’ and ‘Song Of Los’. Highlighted as “music for the soul” by Q Magazine, the album is now being re-released as part of Mute's 40th anti-versary celebrations, MUTE 4.0 (1978 > TOMORROW) on limited edition violet vinyl.

  1. Sweet Unrest 
  2. Song Of Los 
  3. Black Water 
  4. Goodbye 
  5. Candil De La Calle 
  6. The Soft Voices Die 
  7. Escape 
  8. Ash/Black Veil 
  9. A Bang In The Void 
  10. Your House Is My World

Includes a digital copy. All download codes are contained within the vinyl package, generally on a sticker attached to the inner sleeve.