Ben Frost - Scope Neglect - Vinyl


Release Date: 1st March 2024
Catalogue Number: STUMM503

  • Archival sleeve print with poster insert
  • You will also receive a link to download digital WAV files of the album

Renowned Iceland-based Australian composer Ben Frost presents his first studio album in six years, Scope Neglect, via Mute.

Scope Neglect is an experimental and genre-shifting album forged from Frost’s admiration for metal with the mindful removal of its conventional attributes. Where the record touches aspects of the genre, it’s met with glitching electronics, immersive ambient industrial churns and deeply contemplative explorations that result in something impossible to pigeonhole. Created with guitarist Greg Kubacki (from New York’s progressive metal band Car Bomb) and bassist Liam Andrews (from Melbourne band MY DISCO), the album was recorded at Candy Bomber studios in Berlin with engineer Ingo Krauss (Swans, Nick Cave, and Mick Harvey).

Ben Frost is known for his groundbreaking contributions to composition, production, sound art, and direction over the past 15 years, including soundtracks for film and TV including Netflix shows Dark and 1899. This album marks his first studio release in six years and adds to the list of his acclaimed releases on the label, 2014’s A U R O R A was album of the year in Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and Clash, with 2017’s The Centre Cannot Hold as one of Pitchfork’s Top 20 Experimental Albums of the year.

Side A.

  1. Lamb Shift
  2. Chimera
  3. The River of Light and Radiation
  4. _1993

Side B.

  1. Turning the Prism
  2. Load up on Guns, Bring your Friends
  3. Tritium Bath
  4. Unreal in the Eyes of the Dead