Crime & The City Solution - Just South Of Heaven + Room Of Lights - Colour Vinyl Bundle


Release Date: 7th June 2024


This bundle contains:

  • Just South Of Heaven - Limited Edition Blue Vinyl
  • Room Of Lights - Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl
  • Limited Edition Colour Vinyl
  • 1000 available worldwide
  • 'Just South Of Heaven' includes a poster
  • You will also receive a link to download digital WAV files of both albums on the release date

Just South Of Heaven - Limited Edition Blue Vinyl

Crime & the City Solution’s beautifully eerie mini-LP, Just South of Heaven, reissued on limited edition blue vinyl, a part of a vinyl reissue series via Mute.

Originally released in 1985, the mini-LP featured the "London lineup" of Simon Bonney, former Birthday Party stalwarts Mick Harvey and Rowland S. Howard, Rowland’s bassist brother Harry Howard, and drummer Epic Soundtracks (formerly of Swell Maps and Jacobites). The record presented a more refined sound compared to their self-produced EP and was recorded between Hansa Tonstudios, Berlin and The Strongroom, London, with sound engineer Flood (a-ha, Depeche Mode, Erasure). In an interview with Uncut, Harry explained, “The first EP, 'The Dangling Man,' was a bit raw. For 'Just South Of Heaven,' we tried to create a more elegant record, and it worked quite well.”

Side A.

  1. Rose Blue
  2. The Coal Train
  3. Stolen & Stealing

Side B.

  1. Five Stone Walls
  2. Trouble Come This Morning
  3. The Wailing Wall

Room Of Lights - Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl

Crime & the City Solution’s debut full-length album, Room of Lights, reissued on limited edition yellow vinyl, a part of a vinyl reissue series via Mute.

Following their The Dangling Man EP and Just South of Heaven mini-LP, the album was originally released in 1986. The album includes the remarkable ‘Six Bells Chime,’ which caught the attention of acclaimed German filmmaker Wim Wenders who invited the band to perform the song live in his 1988 masterpiece Wings of Desire. The album showcases great creativity filled with tension and marks the last release featuring Crime’s “London line-up.”

Side A.

  1. Right Man, Wrong Man
  2. No Money, No Honey
  3. Hey Sinkiller
  4. Six Bells Chime

Side B.

  1. Adventure
  2. Untouchable
  3. The Brother Song
  4. Her Room Of Lights (For Lisa)

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