Daniel Blumberg - The World To Come - CD


Release Date: 14th January 2022

Catalogue Number: CDSTUMM468

  • Gatefold card eco pack

Winner of the Ivor Novello Award for the Best Original Score 2022

Daniel Blumberg has composed an enchanting new original score for Mona Fastvold’s critically acclaimed The World To Come. The film premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival 2020 and was released in UK cinemas during Summer 2021. Highlighted as “a marvelous score” in Variety and “powerfully moving” by The Film Stage, the score includes the title track featuring Josephine Foster. Blumberg enlisted the talents of an ensemble of radical, internationally revered musicians, whilst the score was co-produced with world-renowned producer Peter Walsh (Scott Walker).

  1. Opening (Dyer’s Farmhouse)
  2. Nellie
  3. Abigail’s Walk
  4. Tallie
  5. Flummoxed
  6. Chicken Plucking
  7. The Storm
  8. Falling in Love
  9. First Kiss
  10. The Orchard
  11. The Woods
  12. Spying House
  13. Thoughts and Townships
  14. The Fire
  15. Empty House
  16. Tallie Missing
  17. Finny Letter
  18. Atlas
  19. The Wagon
  20. Love and Death
  21. Rooftop
  22. The World To Come
  23. Abigail’s Theme (Brötzmann solo)
  24. Tallie’s Theme (Brötzmann solo)