Josh T. Pearson - The Straight Hits! - Vinyl

Josh T. Pearson - The Straight Hits! - Vinyl


Catalogue Number: STUMM419
Release Date: 13 April 2018

The Straight Hits! is the brand new album from Josh T. Pearson and is Josh’s second solo album following the critically acclaimed, Rough Trade Album Of The Year, 2011’s The Last Of The Country Gentlemen. Recorded in Texas with members of Lift To Experience and The Texas Gentlemen, the album includes Straight To The Top and You Set Me Straight.

  1. Straight To The Top!
  2. Straight At Me
  3. Give It To Me Straight
  4. Straight Laced Come Undone
  5. Damn Straight
  6. Loved Straight To Hell
  7. The Dire Straits Of Love
  8. Whiskey Straight Love
  9. A Love Song (Set Me Straight)
  10. Straight Down Again!

Includes a digital copy. All download codes are contained within the vinyl package, generally on a sticker attached to the inner sleeve.