Laibach - Love Is Still Alive - CD


Release Date: 20th January 2023
Catalogue Number: CDMUTE653

Legendary Slovenian group Laibach return with their new EP LOVE IS STILL ALIVE.

The EP is a 40 minute country, dance and electronic masterpiece, featuring different versions of the song Love Is Still Alive. The original song is taken from Laibach’s soundtrack for the sci-fi action film Iron Sky: The Coming Race, and centres around Milan Fras’ unmistakable gravely vocal over an old time country western accompaniment, a musical curveball from a career that defies genres. The Coming Race is the sequel to Iron Sky, which Laibach were commissioned to compose the score for in 2012. The Finnish dark comedy achieved cult-status and raised more than $1 million via crowdfunding. This release follows a series of important theatrical performances and releases from Laibach, and supports their Coming Race tour dates (2022/2023).

  1. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE I (Moon, Euphoria)
  2. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE II (Venus, Libidine)
  3. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE III (Mercury, Dopamine)
  4. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE IV (Neptune, Oxytocin)
  5. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE V (Uranus, Prolactin)
  6. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE VI (Saturn, Insomnia)
  7. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE VII (Jupiter, Tristitia)
  8. LOVE IS STILL ALIVE VIII (Mars, Dysphoria)