Liars - Sisterworld - Recycled Colour Vinyl


Release Date: 21st April 2023
Catalogue Number: XSTUMM315

  • Limited Edition Recycled Coloured Vinyl
  • 8 page booklet
  • Includes audio download code

Sisterworld is the next album to be released in the Liars’ recycled coloured vinyl reissue series. Originally released in 2010, Sisterworld is Liars fifth studio album. It was their first record to be recorded in the US since 2004’s They Were Wrong, So We Drowned and was created by Angus Andrew, Aaron Hemphill and Julian Gross, along with Tom Biller who is known for working with the likes of Fiona Apple, Elliot Smith, Silversun Pickups and many more. The dynamic rock album took inspiration from fringe characters lured to LA and the resulting subcultures and alternate spaces that they generate, exploring the underground support systems created to deal with loss of self to society.

“...stick with Sisterworld as it builds, let it seep into your brain while you wait for its bulging seams to burst, and you might find yourself unable to turn your ears away.” - Pitchfork (8.1)

“...‘Sisterworld’ is an axe slicing through the neck of an ostrich that has its head buried deeply in the sand.” - NME (4.5)

“With Sisterworld, the band have found a balance, providing both exceptional standalone moments and a unifying theme.” - New York Magazine

Side A.

  1. Scissor
  2. No Barrier Fun
  3. Here Comes All The People
  4. Drip
  5. Scarecrows On A Killer Slant
  6. I Still Can See An Outside World

Side B.

  1. Proud Evolution
  2. Drop Dead
  3. The Overachievers
  4. Goodnight Everything
  5. Too Much, Too Much