Looper - Up A Tree (25th Anniversary Edition) - 2CD


Release Date: 8th March 2024
Catalogue Number: LCDSTUMM378

  • Expanded 2 CD edition with additional tracks from the time, including unreleased remixes and reworks of tracks from the original album

Mute celebrates the 25th Anniversary Edition of Looper’s debut 1999 album, Up A Tree, featuring never-before-released songs.

LOOPER [Stuart and Karn David], originally recorded for the Sub Pop label in 1999, this anniversary edition includes remixes, reworks, new sleeve notes and alternative artwork.

Up A Tree was completed while Stuart was still working with Belle & Sebastian (the band he co-founded in 1995) and brought Looper instant acclaim (including an 8.1 review in Pitchfork, who credited the album with originating a new genre they dubbed Folk-Hop). It reached #21 on the UK Independent Album chart, and #79 on the Scottish Albums Chart, and brought in fans such as Ben Folds who recently called Up A Tree “… a gift of a record”.

The anniversary edition also features alternative artwork designed by Karn and includes new sleeve notes by Sub Pop’s Jenny Hayo, who recounts working with Looper on their first records and first US tour, alongside words from Stuart’s sister Karla Black, who takes us back to Glasgow School of Art in 1998, reminiscing about the first Looper show.

Double CD includes a remix by Pulp (credited as The Chocolate layers).


  1. The Treehouse
  2. Impossible Things #2
  3. Burning Flies
  4. Festival '95
  5. Ballad of Ray Suzuki
  6. Dave The Moon Man
  7. Quiet And Small
  8. Columbo's Car
  9. Up A Tree Again
  10. Back to the Treehouse


  1. Back to the Treehouse (Ambient Mix)
  2. Ray's Golden Fist (Bananahand Remix)
  3. Burning Flies (Acoustic)
  4. Columbo's Car (Peugeot 403 Mix)
  5. Blurred Stars
  6. Up A Tree Again (The Chocolate Layers St. John's Ambulance Mix)
  7. Quiet and Small (Acoustic)
  8. Dave the Moon Man (Scott Twynholm Remix)
  9. Impossible Things
  10. Up A Tree Again (Acoustic)

“Looper was in my Walkman headphones on a few memorable tours. I just left the CD, Up a Tree, in the player and watched the scenery go by as we travelled. Both burned into my head. No particular face or ego. Music and imagination. And … loops. A song called Impossible Things #2 was a favorite. Was there an Impossible Things #1?…anyway. Playing the music again this morning. It sounds like it came out recently in many ways. What a neat vibe and a gift of a record. Thank you.” - Ben Folds (2023)

“Stuart David of Belle and Sebastian has handed a DIY book on home sampling out to any and all kids with a Casio keyboard and a tape recorder.” - Pitchfork (8.1)

“This is a record in love with childhood…” - Kitty Empire (8/10)

“This gentle, nostalgic but aurally up-to-date album shares the wistful sensibility of a certain Scottish folk-rock cult sensation, but then that's understandable: Belle & Sebastian is Looper mastermind Stuart David's other band.” - The Washington Post