Mark Stewart And The Maffia - Learning To Cope With Cowardice / The Lost Tapes - Vinyl


Catalogue Number: MSATM1
Release Date: 25 January 2019

Learning To Cope With Cowardice, the groundbreaking debut solo album by visionary post-punk iconoclast Mark Stewart, is to be given a definitive reissue alongside The Lost Tapes, a newly discovered cache of unreleased material.

  • Double vinyl
  • Vinyl wrap poster

LP1: Learning To Cope With Cowardice

  1. Learning To Cope With Cowardice
  2. Liberty City
  3. Blessed Are Those Who Struggle
  4. None Dare Call It Conspiracy
  5. Don’t You Ever Lay Down Your Arms
  6. The Paranoia of Power
  7. To Have The Vision
  8. Jerusalem

LP2: The Lost Tapes

  1. Intro
  2. May I
  3. Conspiracy
  4. Jerusalem [prototype]
  5. Paranoia
  6. Liberty Dub
  7. Vision
  8. Cowardice Dub
  9. High Ideals & Crazy Dub
  10. The Weight

Includes a digital copy. All download codes are contained within the vinyl package, generally on a sticker attached to the inner sleeve.