Mick Harvey - Five Ways to Say Goodbye - Vinyl


Release Date: 10th May 2024
Catalogue Number: STUMM494

  • Includes audio download code with inner sleeve and lyrics

Melbourne music legend Mick Harvey unveils his latest solo album, Five Ways to Say Goodbye, via Mute.

Five Ways to Say Goodbye marks Harvey’s fifth solo album, featuring an introspective blend of originals and covers brimming with wistful acoustic rock gems. The vinyl includes Harvey's translated reworking of Marlene Dietrich's 1950s ode to Berlin, 'A Suitcase in Berlin' ('Ich Hab' Noch Einen Koffer in Berlin'), which was released as a standalone single in 2023, hinting at the forthcoming album.

In true Mick Harvey fashion, the album pays homage to fellow Australian musicians with covers of songs by Ed Kuepper - 'Demolition'; Fatal Shore - 'We Had an Island'; David McComb - 'Setting You Free'; Lo Carmen - 'Nashville High'; and The Saints - 'Ghost Ships.' These tracks sit alongside a cover of Lee Hazelwood's 'Dirtnap Stories,' and Harvey's rendition of Neil Young's 'Like a Hurricane.’

Following on from the collaborative album Phantasmagoria in Blue with Amanda Acevedo, who also lends her voice to 'Dirtnap Stories' on this record, Five Ways to Say Goodbye adds to Mick Harvey's extensive repertoire, affirming his significant contributions to music.

Side A.

  1. Heaven's Gate
  2. We Had an Island
  3. Demolition
  4. The Art of Darkness
  5. Setting You Free

Side B.

  1. Ghost Ships
  2. Dirtnap Stories
  3. Alone with the Stars
  4. When We Were Beautiful & Young
  5. A Suitcase in Berlin

Vinyl download only tracks.

  1. Nashville High
  2. Like a Hurricane