Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Proposition - Gold Vinyl

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Proposition - Gold Vinyl


The Proposition was the first feature length soundtrack composed by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis and saw a departure in the pair’s previous band-orientated projects, (The Birthday Party, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) providing a haunting and uneasy soundtrack to the film. The film itself, released in 2005, was directed by John Hillcoat and starred Ray Winstone, Guy Pearce and Danny Hutson and also won a series of accolades including Best Original Music Score at the AFI Awards.

Available for the first time as an LP, the album is re-issued here on limited edition gold vinyl.

Release date: 2nd November 2018

  1. Happy Land
  2. The Proposition #1
  3. Road to Banyon
  4. Down to the Valley
  5. Moan Thing
  6. The Rider #1
  7. Martha’s Dream
  8. Gun Thing
  9. Queenie’s Suite
  10. The Rider #2
  11. The Proposition
  12. Sad Violin Thing
  13. The Rider #3
  14. The Proposition #3
  15. The Rider Song
  16. Clean Hands, Dirty Hands