Nonpareils - Scented Pictures - CD

Nonpareils - Scented Pictures - CD

Catalogue Number: CDSTUMM417

Release Date: 06 April 2018

Scented Pictures by Nonpareils is the solo debut album by Aaron Hemphill, his first recordings since his departure from the band Liars in 2016. Includes The Timeless Now and the title track. Glitched, processed and off-kilter, Scented Pictures is metaphysically restructured pop.


  1. I Can't Feel The Freeze Or Fade (Intro)
  2. The Timeless Now
  3. Cherry Cola
  4. Ditchglass, They Think
  5. Invisible Jets
  6. Makes Me Miss The Misery Girls
  7. Scented Pictures
  8. Press Play
  9. The Fever That Goes Up And Down
  10. Fast Hat, Main Hat
  11. Most Boys