Quinquis - Seim - Limited Edition Clear Vinyl


Release Date: 20th May 2022
Catalogue Number: STUMM474

  • Limited edition clear vinyl
  • Includes original lyrics and translations
  • Plus high definition audio code

Mute presents their latest signing, QUINQUIS, with the release of her album SEIM. Émilie Tiersen, previously releasing music under the alias of Tiny Feet, changed her artist name as a homage to her personal and family history by referencing her maiden name, whilst symbolising a new beginning musically.

The album is a collaboration with renowned producer Gareth Jones, (Depeche Mode, Yann Tiersen, Liars and Apparat). SEIM emerged from the partnership as a harmonisation of Émilie’s delicate yet powerful vocals with sparse and immersive electronics and intricate melodies. Emblazoned with the Breton language, the album also features Ólavur Jákupsson singing in Faroese on 'Run' and writer and endurance cyclist Emily Chappell reading an extract from her book (in Welsh) "Where There’s A Will" on 'Netra Ken'.

Side A.

  1. Adkrog
  2. Eñvor
  3. Setu
  4. Run
  5. Mintin

Side B.

  1. Estren
  2. Netra ken
  3. Ôg
  4. An divare
  5. Te