Spider & The Flies - Something Clockwork This Way Comes - CD

Spider & The Flies - Something Clockwork This Way Comes - CD


Catalogue Number: CDIRREG20
Release Date: 09 September 2013

'Something Clockwork This Way Comes' features seven tracks including their sold out and long deleted double A Sided debut single 'Metallurge' and an extended version of 'Desmond Leslie'.

Produced by Spider and The Flies and Barry 7 of Add N To (X), the new album is released on CD and limited edition 12'' vinyl and sees The Horrors' Spider Webb and Tom Furse explore the sounds of an outer space of their own creation.

Spider & The Flies is the side project of two members of the Horrors.

As they say on their MySpace page...

''We're orbiting a planet near Eta Carinae (look it up) right now and the view is beautiful, however we have to return on Monday because that's when we're mastering our new and improved Mini LP. It's been in the freezer so long we've had the chance to put some more tracks on it. We also apologise for the long wait suffered, this was just down to internal workings at EMI. We plan to get this record out asap and then follow it as soon as we can with another. Release will be swift...we hope...and very much worth the wait.''

  1. Million Volt Light
  2. Jungle Planet
  3. Spacewalking
  4. Metallurge
  5. Desmond Leslie
  6. Teslabeat
  7. Autochrome