Suicide - Suicide - CD Hardback Book Edition


Release Date: July 12th 2019
Cat Number: SUICIDECD01

  • Re-mastered CD book pack with extensive sleeve notes

Suicide’s genuinely classic and highly influential eponymous debut album.

Released as part of BMG's the ‘Art Of The Album’ series.

This edition includes exclusive photographs and extensive sleeve notes by John Doran exploring the impact of the band through ‘The Times’, ‘The Key Players’, ‘The Song Writing’, ‘The Production’, ‘The Impact’ and ‘The Legacy’.

Although the band barely received any credit at the time, Suicide (vocals: Alan Vega and electronics: Martin Rev) were inspirational for numerous English synth pop bands throughout the 80’s.

Having originally formed in 1970, Suicide lay dormant for several years before they re-emerged in 1976 at the heart of the punk scene centred on CBGB's club in New York where the likes of The Ramones, Patti Smith and Television also found initial recognition.

Really, four decades later, we are only just now counting the positive cost of their influence across genres such as techno, noise, electro clash, goth, synth pop, psych and industrial.

Suicide's influence was immediately seen in the rise of bands like Soft Cell, Depeche Mode and The Jesus And Mary Chain.

Elsewhere they have had been praised widely by Nick Cave, Jim Thirlwell and M.I.A. and count Jason Pierce (Spacemen 3 / Spiritualized), Lydia Lunch, Bobby Gillespie, Nik Void of Factory Floor and Savages as fans.

The album was originally released in December 1977 on the Red Star label run by Marty Thau (former manager of The New York Dolls).

This album is a BMG / Mute Records Limited release.

  1. Ghost Rider
  2. Rocket USA
  3. Cheree
  4. Jphnny
  5. Girl
  6. Frankie Teardrop
  7. Che