Telex - Looking For Saint-Tropez + Neurovision + Sex (Remastered) - Vinyl Bundle


Release Date: 8th September 2023


This bundle includes:

  • Looking For Saint-Tropez (Remastered) - Vinyl
  • Neurovision (Remastered) - Vinyl
  • Sex (Remastered) - Vinyl

Remastered and newly mixed by band members Dan Lacksman and Michel Moers,

Looking For Saint-Tropez, Neurovision and Sex are released on individual vinyl using the original artwork and follow the now sold out coloured vinyl box set. Wonderful World, Looney Tunes and How Do You Dance? are set for release later in the year.

The Belgian synthpop trio - Marc Moulin (1942- 2008), Lacksman and Michel Moers - launched in Brussels in 1978 and, as one of only a handful of synthpop pioneers at the time, helped bring electronic pop to the mainstream. Telex announced their retirement in 2008, following Moulin’s death, and in 2021 began a new partnership with Mute beginning with the release of This Is Telex.

Recent Praise:

“Telex were largely misunderstood during their time together in the late ‘70s and ‘80s, yet this boxset containing the arch Belgian synthpop trio’s six newly remastered albums suggests they deserve a closer listen.” - 8/10* Uncut

“This release is a must for all synth music fans.”- Blitzed magazine

“...a vital bridge between Kraftwerk and arguably all subsequent EDM... New Beat’s ground zero.” - Classic Rock

Looking For Saint-Tropez (Remastered) - Vinyl

Looking For Saint Tropez was Telex’s debut album originally released in 1979. It contains covers of Plastic Bertrand’s pop-punk ‘Ça Plane Pour Moi’ and Bill Haley’s ‘Rock Around The Clock’, in which, so to speak, all of the rock is removed leaving nothing but the clock; a ticking, vocoderised, supremely deadpan robot parody of the original. Had Telex merely confined themselves to such covers they might have been regarded as a rather clever comedy band. But they also cut ‘Moskow Diskow’, a rollocking, swerving, steaming dancefloor classic, a track which lays down the railroad for as yet unimagined electronic musics such as House and Techno. Years ahead of its time, its reputation has only been enhanced over time, as other, more date stamped electropop has fallen by the wayside.

Side A.

  1. Moskow Diskow
  2. Pakmoväst
  3. Café de la jungle
  4. Ça plane pour moi
  5. Some Day / Un jour

Side B.

  1. Something To Say
  2. Rock Around The Clock
  3. Victime de la societe
  4. Twist À Saint-Tropez

Neurovision (Remastered) - Vinyl

Released in 1980, the album was the follow up to their debut Looking For Saint-Tropez, and includes the track ‘Euro-vision’ which was famously entered into the Eurovision Song Contest, representing Belgium. Moers says he regarded their entry as “very Situationist International, the worm in the apple” and they resolved either to come first or last. They didn’t achieve that goal, but became part of the Eurovision saga.

Side A.

  1. A/B
  2. Réalité
  3. Cliché
  4. En route vers de nouvelles aventures
  5. Tour de France
  6. We Are All Getting Old

Side B.

  1. My Time
  2. Plus de distance (More Than Distance)
  3. Euro-Vision
  4. Dance To The Music
  5. Lakelele
  6. Soul Waves

Sex (Remastered) - Vinyl

For 1981’s Sex, the trio teamed up with Sparks, a match made in heaven given both band’s determination to make electronic pop music suffused with conceptual wit. They got along tremendously, Ron & Russell Mael staying on in Brussels far longer than they’d originally intended, and Sparks contributed to the entire album.

Side A.

  1. Brainwash
  2. Drama, Drama
  3. Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before
  4. Long Holiday
  5. The Man With The Answer

Side B.

  1. Carbon Copy
  2. Exercise Is Good For You
  3. Dream-O-Mat
  4. Dummy
  5. Sigmund Freud’s Party