Yann Tiersen - Kerber - CD

Yann Tiersen - Kerber - CD

Yann Tiersen - Kerber - CD


Release Date: 27th August 2021
Catalogue Number: CDSTUMM465

  • Includes poster fold booklet illustrated by Katy Ann Gilmore
  • Packaged in a gatefold eco card pack

‘Kerber’, the new album from Yann Tiersen, is a beautifully textured, highly immersive and thoughtfully constructed piano based album fused with electronic music. Piercing piano keys merge with swirling soundscapes, as Tiersen explores the possibilities of infinite smallness. The album was created and recorded at The Eskal, the studio he built on Ushant (the island where he lives), and ‘Kerber’ is named after a chapel in a small village on the island while each track sonically maps the landscape that surrounds Tiersen’s home.

The album is available on black vinyl and CD. An extensive European tour is scheduled for 2022.

  1. Kerlann
  2. Ar Maner Kozh
  3. Kerdrall
  4. Ker Yegu
  5. Ker al Loch
  6. Kerber
  7. Poull Bojer

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