Moby - Animal Rights - Vinyl

Moby - Animal Rights - Vinyl


Release Date: 06 May 2016

Reissued on 180g vinyl

'Animal Rights' is Moby's forth studio album, originally released on September 23, 1996. An album as chock full of guitars as this is a departure from the usual electronica Moby had become renowned for.

Moby's venture into punk rock was in part the result of being disillusioned by the lack of positive media feedback received for his electronic works.

Ironically, just as Moby decided to change direction, the electronic music he moved away from started to gain recognition and popularity. For this reason 'Animal Rights' was pivotal in Moby's music career.

  1. Now I Let It Go
  2. Come On Baby
  3. Someone To Love
  4. Heavy Flow
  5. You
  6. My Love Will Never Die
  7. Soft
  8. Say It's All Mine
  9. That's When I Reach For My Revolver
  10. Face It
  11. Living
  12. Love Song For My Mom