These Immortal Souls - Get Lost (Don’t Lie!) [2024 Remaster] - Vinyl


Release Date: 12th April 2024
Catalogue Number: LSTUMM48

  • Inner and outer sleeve
  • Includes full lyrics
  • You will also receive a link to download digital WAV files of the album

Mute presents These Immortal Souls’ first full-length album, Get Lost (Don’t Lie!), remastered on vinyl and CD.

Finally re-released after 35 years, remastered from the original tapes at legendary Birdland Studio by Lindsay Gravina and original These Immortal Souls members Harry Howard and Genevieve McGukin. This is available alongside the 2024 remaster edition of their second album, I’m Never Gonna Die Again, and EXTRA, a brand new album including unearthed live recordings and remastered cover tracks from across their career.

The 30-minute LP, Get Lost (Don’t Lie!), was originally released at the end of 1987 following the band's debut EP, Marry Me, on the American underground label SST. The band consisted of Australian-born Rowland S. Howard, who rose to prominence as Nick Cave's collaborator in the Birthday Party, his bass-playing brother Harry Howard, drummer Epic Soundtracks (formerly of Swell Maps and Jacobites), and keyboardist Genevieve McGuckin. They came together 1987, after Soundtracks and the Howard brothers split from Crime & the City Solution and were joined by McGuckin to form These Immortal Souls in London.

Side A.

  1. Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)
  2. Hide
  3. Hey! Little Child
  4. These Immortal Souls

Side B.

  1. I Ate the Knife
  2. "Blood and Sand” She Said
  3. One in Shadow, One in Sun