VCMG (Vince Clarke & Martin Gore) - SSSS - Vinyl

VCMG (Vince Clarke & Martin Gore) - SSSS - Vinyl


Catalogue Number: STUMM441
Release Date: 9th September 2013

VCMG release one of 2012's most anticipated musical collaborations, the album 'Ssss' on Mute on 12 March 2012.

It marks the long awaited reunion of electronic pioneers Vince Clarke (Erasure/ Yazoo/ Depeche Mode) and Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode), who have joined forces for the first time in over thirty years to craft an album which, demonstrating their mutual love of electronic music.

After initial tentative discussions, and a meeting at Short Circuit presents Mute festival in London, where they both performed, these two influential musicians and songwriters, began work on the 10-track album, working in a typically unique way with the pair working alone in their respective studios, communication only via email, exchanging files until the albums was ready. The album includes the recent 12" EP1 / Spock, described by The Quietus as "one of the best tracks of 2011", plus the forthcoming EP 2 / Single Blip.

The album was produced by Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore and mixed by the influential Californian electronic artist Überzone / Q.

  1. Lowly 
  2. Zaat 
  3. Spock 
  4. Windup Robot 
  5. Bendy Bass 
  6. Single Blip 
  7. Aftermaths 
  8. Aftermaths 
  9. Recycle 
  10. Flux