Angels Of Light - We Are Him - CD


Release Date: 11th November 2022
Catalogue Number: AOL5CD

Mute and Young God Records present the first instalment of the Angels Of Light reissues, starting with remastered editions of We Are Him and The Angels of Light Sing ‘Other People’.

Michael Gira formed Angels Of Light after the conclusion of Swans in 1997. We Are Him was initially released in 2007 and features Akron/Family (Dana Janssen, Miles Seaton Cooper, Seth Olinsky and Ryan Vanderhoof), along with Kristof Hahn, Phil Puleo and Bill Rieflin. The record is about getting by and trying to survive with a family and a faith at a time when “the dogs...howl as the street fills with blood.” - Micheal Gira/Young God Records

On the making of the album, Micheal Gira says “We Are Him began with my usual vows to keep things simple this time, finally, and I failed once again to live up to the task. I went into the studio with Akron/Family as backing band (as they had been on Other People). We recorded all the basic tracks in a week. They played drums, bass, guitar, piano, and backing vocals. Despite Akron's valorous efforts and fine performances, things sounded thin and tentative to me, so I started calling my friends to help me flesh things out.”

Available on vinyl and CD for the first time outside the US.

“On his sixth and arguably most engaging album as Angels of Light, former Swan Michael Gira seems more empowered and commanding than he has in a decade.” - Pitchfork

“If anything, We Are Him is his most focused and ambitious work to date.” - The Line of Best Fit

  1. Black River Song
  2. Promise Of Water
  3. The Man We Left Behind
  4. My Brother's Man
  5. Not Here/Not Now
  6. Joseph's Song
  7. We Are Him
  8. Sometimes I Dream I'm Hurting You
  9. Sunflower's Here To Stay
  10. Good Bye Mary Lou
  11. The Visitor
  12. Star Chaser
  13. I Pity The Poor Immigrant
  14. The Provider
  15. One For Hope
  16. Come For My Woman