Barry Adamson - Complete Reissues CD Bundle + Signed Art Card Set


Release Date: 2nd December 2022


This bundle includes:

  • Know Where To Run - CD
  • I Will Set You Free - CD
  • Back To The Cat - CD
  • Stranger On The Sofa - CD
  • Free set of art 4 cards designed by Mark Reynolds one of which will be signed by Barry Adamson

Know Where To Run - CD

  • Card eco pac

Barry Adamson takes us Back to the Catalogue with a series of reissues on coloured vinyl and CD.

Barry’s 2016 album, Know Where To Run, was produced by Barry himself and recorded in Brighton with Paul Pascoe, whilst WTNSS mixed and provided additional production at the legendary Dean Street Studios. The concept behind the album emerged when Barry started taking photos during a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds North American tour, playing with the idea of traversing different states of the human condition and different states across America. The result was an audio/visual project inspired by these pictures, with the record being presented alongside a curated photobook.

The reissue of Know Where To Run is released alongside I Will Set Free, following the release of Stranger On The Sofa, Back To The Cat and a very limited run on vinyl of Barry’s latest EP Steal Away.

“It’s brassy, vivid, edgy, dramatic and propulsive – in short, highly cinematic.” - Northern Soul

“The album spans everything from prog rock to psychedelia to crooning, but if there is a thread throughout [Barry’s] work, it’s an outsiderness – documenting desperate characters” - The Guardian

“‘Know Where To Run’ is probably as good an introduction to this peripatetic musician as you're ever likely to need. Just make sure to expect the unexpected.” - Clash Magazine

  1. In Other Worlds
  2. Cine City
  3. Come Away
  4. Death Takes a Holiday
  5. Claw and Wing
  6. In Other Worlds
  7. Cine City
  8. Come Away
  9. Death Takes a Holiday
  10. Claw and Wing

I Will Set You Free - CD

  • Card eco pac

Initially released in 2012, I Will Set You Free amalgamated elements of Barry’s previous work, resulting in an album that is unmistakably Barry Adamson. Like many of Adamson’s records, the album is a genre odyssey that jumps from garage rock rock, to blues, to new-wave pop, with the adventurous brass section injecting an acid jazz touch. His overwhelming desire to examine cultural shifts and embrace them within the quest to improve oneself that often centres in Adamson’s art is clearly present in I Will Set You Free. This subsequently makes it a quintessential Barry Adamson record that fits right in with the back catalogue.

The reissue of I Will Set You Free is released alongside Know Where To Run, following the release of Stranger On The Sofa, Back To The Cat and a very limited run on vinyl of Barry’s latest EP Steal Away.

“Utterly fearless in his exploration of everything from bluesy soul to full-on, swampy psychedelia, Adamson is one of the most fascinating figures in current British rock.” - Express

“He feels comfortable in his skin on this wonderfully sequenced collection of songs that makes no attempt to hide his past; if anything, he celebrates it as he moves ever forward.” - AllMusic

“The cleverness of Adamson’s words shine throughout the album, a potentially self-referential “My kingdom for your Magazine” in “The Sun And The Sea” being a particularly nice touch.” - Pop Matters

  1. Get Your Mind Right
  2. Black Holes in my Brain
  3. Turnaround
  4. The Power of Suggestion
  5. Destination
  6. The Trigger City Blues
  7. Looking to Love Somebody
  8. The Sun and the Sea
  9. If You Love Her
  10. Stand In

Back To The Cat - CD

  • Card eco pac

Originally released in 2008, Back To The Cat, was in keeping with the artist who developed the concept of the imaginary soundtrack, with every song building a compelling narrative around Barry’s lifelong investigation of identity, sexuality, race, spirituality and society. The record picked up the threads of his previous work and continued to showcase his musical ambidexterity covering noir jazz, sun-drenched pop ballads, fractious funk, heavenly blues and subversive soul.

The reissue of Back To The Cat will be released alongside Stranger On The Sofa and a very limited run on vinyl of Barry’s latest EP Steal Away.

I Will Set You Free and Know Where To Run set to follow later this year.

“Back to the Cat is one of his most pop-friendly records, emphasizing compact, melodic songs that still bear the mark of his twin senses of humor and the macabre.” - Pitchfork

“The music is alive and bursting from the seams with an isometric decahedron of tunes and good ideas...” - PopMatters

“This, his eighth solo album, initially sounds as though it was made for film buffs as much as music fans, but it soon reveals itself as a musical compendium.” - The Guardian

  1. The Beaten Side of Town
  2. Straight 'Til Sunrise
  3. Spend A Little Time
  4. Shadow Of Death Hotel
  5. I Could Love You
  6. Walk On Fire
  7. Flight
  8. Civilization
  9. People
  10. Psycho_Sexual

Stranger On The Sofa - CD

  • Card eco pac

Originally released in the mid-2000s, Stranger On The Sofa is an album tied together by its mysterious cinematic composure. Each track is used to demonstrate the breadth of musicianship and re-presentation of countless timeless genres, moving in between electronica and jazz with shadowy ambience scattered throughout. Nick Plytas and Adrian Owusu provided their expertise on the organ and slide guitar, with Barry playing almost every other instrument. Composing, performing, recording and producing Stranger On The Sofa undoubtedly makes it an album that represents Adamson fully embracing the DIY aesthetic from where he began.

Stranger On The Sofa has never been available on vinyl before and this new edition of the album will be released alongside the album Back to The Cat and a very limited run on vinyl of Barry’s latest EP Steal Away.

I Will Set You Free and Know Where To Run set to follow later this year.

“[This] solo album from the former bassist for Magazine and the Bad Seeds is an eclectic mix of dark instrumentals and brooding pop.” - Pitchfork

"As good as anything he has done. The bleak, dysfunctional cityscapes conjured are nightmarish" - Sunday Times Culture

"Proves once again what an unnerving space the interior of his head must be" - Mojo

  1. Here in the Hole
  2. The Long Way Back Again
  3. Officer Bentley's Fairly Serious Dilemma
  4. Who Killed Big Bird?
  5. Theresa Green
  6. The Sorrow and the Pity
  7. My Friend the Fly
  8. Inside of Your Head
  9. You Sold Your Dreams
  10. Déjà Morte
  11. Dissemble
  12. Free Love