Yann Tiersen - Infinity - CD

Yann Tiersen - Infinity - CD


Catalogue Number: CDSTUMM367
Release Date: 19th May 2014

Yann Tiersen has announced a brand new album, ∞ (Infinity), out on 19 May.

∞ (Infinity) is the follow up to 2011’s Skyline (which was described by MOJO as "life affirming", by Clash as a "...remarkable musical talent" and in Drowned In Sound’s 8* review as "euphoric"), and will be premiered at an exclusive live performance at the ICA, London, on 14 May - which sold out in less than 5 hours.

Tiersen has worked with native language speakers to include tracks sung and spoken in Breton (Ar Maen Bihan), Faroese (Grønjørð) and Icelandic on (Steinn).

∞ (Infinity) was conceived in Iceland, where work began on the album, and in Ushant Island, Brittany. The album was produced by Yann Tiersen and mixed by Gareth Jones with Yann Tiersen and Daniel Miller.

  1. ∞ 
  2. Slippery Stones
  3. A Midsummer Evening 
  4. Ar Maen Bihan 
  5. Lights 
  6. Grønjørđ 
  7. Steinn 
  8. In Our Minds 
  9. The Crossing 
  10. Meteorites