Yann Tiersen - Lagniappe Sessions - Limited Edition Mushroom Pink 12

Yann Tiersen - Lagniappe Sessions - Limited Edition Mushroom Pink 12"


Release Date: 16th December 2020
Catalogue Number: 12MUTE616

Mute are excited to announce the October 24 Record Store Day release of Yann Tiersen’s Lagniappe Session (recorded for Aquarium Drunkard) on limited edition mushroom pink vinyl.

There’s a lot happening in the collective works of Yann Tiersen. Initially inspired by Einstürzende Neubauten, Throbbing Gristle and other post-punk/ industrial groups, Tiersen’s music would soon grow further nuanced, moving in more subtle directions. It’s this which makes the approach to his Lagniappe Session all the more interesting, in how he turns that very direction on its head. Original pieces that could be described as minimalist are uprooted and placed into entirely different realms, as Tiersen tackles a 16+ minute Steve Reich piece, a classic Françoise Hardy chanson, and a tune by country gospel musician E.C. Ball. In the hands of Tiersen all become transformed.

Side A.

  1. Tribulations (Aquarium Drunkard Version)
  2. If You Listen (Aquarium Drunkard Version)

Side B.

  1. Piano Phase (Aquarium Drunkard Version)