Barry Adamson - Therapist - DVD + CD

Barry Adamson - Therapist - DVD + CD


Release Date: 16th June 2011

Debut film by acclaimed musician Barry Adamson.

2 disc set: DVD (40 minutes film, bonus features) + CD soundtrack.

Therapist tells the story of Monika, a Polish immigrant searching for her sister, who encounters both tragedy and destruction. But is her story real or the metaphor for another man's emotion, a story straight from the therapist's couch? A truly metafictional experience, the film, with its looping narrative and world within a world structure, focuses on our experience-as-reality and the contradiction between memory, fantasy, truth and the experience of life itself... Annabel Grundy.

Therapist stars David Hayman (Trial & Retribution, Hope and Glory, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas ), Ray Fearon (Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet, Lulu & Jimi, Harry Potter), Ofo Uhirara and introduces Iza Sawicka and has been screened at the East End Film Festival, the Brighton Film Festival and the Yach Film Festival (Poland).

Warning: this film contains strong language, violence, scenes of a sexual nature and scenes of peril. For audience aged 18 and over.


  1. Therapist (40 minute movie)
  2. Interview with Barry Adamson (30 minutes)


  1. Main Title
  2. A Portrait of Monika
  3. Bigger Pictures
  4. How Did He Find Me?
  5. Monika's Living Nightmare
  6. How Are You Feeling?
  7. Glove Touch
  8. Aaa Kotki Dwa
  9. And Always Will Be
  10. A Portrait of Anna
  11. Our Father?
  12. I Guess That's Me... Done!
  13. The Letter/End Titles