Maps - Colours. Remixed. Time. Loss. - Cassette


Release Date: 21st August 2020
Catalogue Number: CRSTUMM438

  • 12 track remix cassette
  • Limited edition of 200
  • Includes code for high definition download of all tracks

MAPS, aka composer and producer James Chapman, will release Colours. Remixed. Time. Loss. on cassette on August 21st.

The cassette will feature 12 tracks that are reimagined from latest MAPS album, Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss. The 12 tracks are a collection of 4 EPs that will be released throughout the summer. The acclaimed album, his most ambitious to date, saw the Northampton-based Mercury Music-nominated artist working with Echo Collective. As each EP is released, the track listing for the cassette will build, 3 tracks at a time.

  1. Both Sides - Stephen Morris Remix
  2. Sophia - Russian Linesman Remix
  3. You Exist In Everything - Polly Scattergood & Glowlines Remix
  4. The Plans We Made - A Certain Ratio Rework (Full Length)
  5. She Sang To Me - C Duncan Remix
  6. New Star - Maps Remix
  7. Just Reflecting - TVAM Remix
  8. Howl Around - Barry Adamson Remix
  9. Surveil - Mark Peters Remix
  10. Wildfire - GLOK Remix
  11. Just Reflecting - Maps Just Reversing Mix
  12. New Star - Simon Fisher Turner Remix

Colours. Remixed. Time. Loss. launches with a remix of ‘Both Sides’ from New Order’s Stephen Morris. Chapman expands, "The direction Stephen took is both exciting and uplifting, using elements from the original vocals and string arrangements to create a completely fresh sound. It has a rhythmic and joyous feeling, and adds some harder and more club-orientated instrumentation into the mix."

The first EP also includes a "hypnotic, all-enveloping remix" of ‘Sophia’ from Russian Linesman, someone that Chapman was keen to collaborate with again having previously remixed the enigmatic Nottingham based artist, alongside a beautiful reworking of ‘You Exist in Everything’ by long-time collaborator and Mute friend Polly Scattergood, here working with Glowlines.

EP2 - includes a remix of ‘She Sang To Me’ by C Duncan and A Certain Ratio’s reworking of ‘The Plans We Made’. Chapman explains, I absolutely love A Certain Ratio, so it was a real honour to have them work on a remix for this EP. It was probably after watching ’24 Hour Party People’ many years ago, and realising how important they were to the Factory scene, that I started to delve into their catalogue. They are a legendary band with an unmistakable groove which connects directly to my soul.”

EP3 - The penultimate EP in the series includes TVAM’s remix of ‘Just Reflecting’, Barry Adamson’s remix of ‘Howl Around’ and Mark Peters’ remix of ‘Surveil’.

Chapman explains, "The idea of releasing the remixes as four EPs first came about when reflecting on the title, and how the four words had come to me originally in a sort of waking dream. I am truly excited about the project, and it has really been amazing for me to hear remixes by artists I love and will continue to collaborate with. I have felt a sense of togetherness in the curating of this project, and that is most welcome in these strange times."